Very Quite Tonight!

Last week this thing was lit up mostly with “It’s Guss, etc”. Tonight, even the Yellville Barber Shop seems quite. Non boy knows anything or at least they are not saying anything. That probably means something is up. It better be. We need to be out recruiting. We need SEC plays and bunches of them!!!

Jim…I get this funny feeling Kiffin is in the mix. That certainly would cause a stir.

And Venables seems to be sneaking back into the discussion.

The new AD seems to be a good hire from all I’ve heard.

I like Morris.

It’s going to be ok

A coach will be hired

Recuting will take place

We wait another 2 seasons too see rebuilding

We will see if it’s bad or good within 3 -5 Years

i get the impression it will be Morris but hey it will be someone and it will be s new era
I’m trying not to get hope up until I see some performance

I don’t want Kiffen.
I don’t want Leach.
I don’t want Sumlin.
Venable, Morris or Norvell would be fine.

I believe we have a Head Coach tomorrow.
Morris, Venables or Kiffin.
I don’t think any one knows for sure what’s going on. The plane is probably busy.

Quiet right!

Sorry . . . couldn’t resist . . .


Don’t want Morris , would take Norvell .

Hope Venables doesn’t have to “sneak back in”, hope he kicks the dang door down.

He is the best coach that’s not currently a head coach somewhere.

U of A make him one soon before TU does.


Yepper, as we speak.

I think it will be later in the week at the earliest before we have a HC. I think the new AD will have a lot of say in the matter. I figure he will need to be brought up to speed on where we currently are in the search and then take over the search. I’m sure recommendations will be made, but can’t see anyone being hired without the approval of new AD. Infact, the new AD will more than likely make the call on who the new FB coach is going to be.

If we want Morris, we need to move as the rumor in Dallas is Tenn is very high on him. He fits our needs better than Tenn as his recruiting base is close to us.

For those saying Kiffin is in the mix, please tell me why the new AD would interview him last year for the Houston job and not hire him, but WOULD hire him at Arkansas? Was Kiffin just too good for Houston?

Please teach me.

The Board of Regents at Houston shot him down, not the AD

The big boosters at Houston, particularly Tillman Fratita, insisted on a large buyout because of the turnover at head coach they had between Briles, Sumlin and Hermann. Kiffin balked on the buyout. Was widely reported in Houston at the time.

Thank you, the reports Ive seen said that our new AD wanted him and the regents shot it down.

Also, reports are our new AD is interviewing Kiffin and Leach.

Hey Marty. Wiz is one step ahead of you on this one.
And I am glad you won’t have to boycott the Catfish Hole…

I have been trying not to comment on grammar and spelling, but Wiz did it without being cruel and with great humor. I love it!

I’m really glad to not give up the coach show, but boycott the Catfish Hole? Never!

Agree. I meant boycotting the coach’s show. The Catfish Hole is in our top 3 favorite places to eat. Unfortunately we live in TN and can’t get there very often.

Hopefully, there will be some noise soon to break this up. I know a little about Yellville, but I couldn’t tell you where there is a barber shop.