very quiet this year?

Is it just me? last couple classes seemed more up in the air than this one. Hope that is a good thing WPS

For the most part Bielema and the staff have been able to hold on to commitments. James and KJ Hill are the only ones that I can remember Arkansas losing.


I’m a big fan of the staff getting things done early

What…you don’t like having to scramble with numerous recruits 24hrs a day, with numerous stories in the laptop sitting on ready?

Not about me, grew up on a farm and never shied away from work

I just think it benefits the staff and program to not have so many questions at the end

I think the proposed December early signing period will help as well and expect most of the hay to be in the barn by that time next season

Just being facetious, I also know a little bit about farming, lol. I figure there will still be those who 1) can’t make up their mind, and 2) those who prefer the drama, will still wait until NSD. What would ESPN and ESPNU have to show on that morning?

Things have been a little more heated this weekend than expected.