Very proud

Of our football team, state, and entire athletic department.

Our football team went down and played an all-time classic game against a team we always seem to have games like this with. We just came up on the short end this time. But it wasn’t because we quit or got whipped. We just happened to be playing a team that is about our mirror image…at their place. We have a coach, with stones, that unapologetically, calmly went for the win. I like that a lot, and I think the right man is finally in the big chair. In year 2, Sam has us a legit top 25 team, without question.

I’m proud of our state, because it sounded to me like we had just as many fans there as they did.

And I’m proud of our athletic department for pulling for one another. I saw Muss down on the sideline again today.

It’s a great time to be a Hog fan. There isn’t one sport on campus that doesn’t compete nationally, and certainly none that you would ever be embarrassed to support. Thank you, Hunter Yurachek, for making our ENTIRE athletic department relevant again.

Go Hogs! Beat Auburn!


Muss posted video he shot from the sideline of KJ’s Superman score.


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