Very proud

of the members of the board. Unless I miss something, only one post was flagged tonight because out profanity or out of hand comments despite it being a very trying night.

Aloha Richard,

Perhaps we have become use to blowing leads and losing games we should have won. After so many gut punches, we have become numb. We’re still in a free fall with no end in sight. Ugh.

Hopefully CCM and his coaches can recruit us out of this death spiral and lead us back to our glory days which have become very distant in the review mirror.


I’m going to stand up and say I had a post deleted was a sarcastic off the cuff comment.

I hurriedly to see who could have deleted the post. THEN started counting the other post way over mine.

Back to the issue---------WE don’t have a board problem we have a QB problem #1

A lack of courage by our coaches to go for it on 4th down. MANY have said that did not coast us the game. I beg to differ. That’s a huge teaching moment and show of strength by the ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS as a team. Our HC as much said guys it’s 6 inches. We are AV’ing 6 yards per carry Chad should tell his team to go "Blow them out of the water! But instead OL you just don’t have it.

Another one JC did you notice #11 playing for the other team?? JUST to name a few…

It is what it is Richard, “very trying times”.
All flaws were pointed out from poor Coaching decisions to a choked defense that blew assignments, missed tackles, missed FG’s, poor punting, list goes on.
All to familiar we had a weaker team on the ropes & watched the wheels fall off.

No surprise here with this season so far, if anyone thought that CCM could come in and turn things around overnight they were being unrealistic. We are looking at 2/3 years before we step up to becoming a truly competitive team in my thinking. He said last week we had to improve our run game and we did which is a small victory but we are going to have to feed off these small victories for a while before we get a seat at the big boy table and have big victories so to speak. Let’s go Hogs ! WPS