Very Proud Today

I was referring to Razorwill saying he wasn’t that good

No . My expactations are fine. We’ve had how many close losses to the Aggies over the past ten years? Too many. I’m not satisfied with coming up just short year after year. This team needs to learn how to win. Not just play to compete. And they need to develop a killer instinct when they have a team down. CCM can get us there I think. Yes it will take time and better recruiting classes. But CCM needs to have this team hungry for every game. Not just the big ones.

I agree with the decision making of Starkel. I think guys with big arms quit thinking and depend on their high velocity throws. Got to use your head at all times as a QB. Happy to see the team compete, Cheers to the team, lets do it again.

Yeah, I don’t understand the complaining about Starkel’s decision making on the int. If you go back and watch, he’s pressured, checks down to Boyd (who was there) and just as he throws, Boyd gets tackled. If he doesn’t get tackled, the ball hits him square in the chest. Would he have got the TD? Probably not, but we still could have kicked a FG.

However, the int didn’t hurt, because the very next play was a scoop and score for Scoota

Coach Willie Fritz one I like to watch…excellent coach IMO, not sure for how long he is at Tulane.

Tulane is good school too, besides the football program. Wish the kid well, opens spot for another who wants to be a Hawgs.

So you don’t think starkel makes bad decisions? I think when he throws down field, he thinks he can rifle it into a kitchen window. It’s a common problem with guys that can throw a 50 yard rope.