Very Proud Today

As a hog fan, after what I saw last week, I’m a proud hog fan. 53 freshmen. A lot of injuries. A lot of adversity. I thought we’d lose by 28. We have a shot to win with 40 seconds to go?! Fantastic. Great job guys. If you play like that the rest of the season you’ve got a chance to go bowling. No Burks last weekend. No Knox or starkel this weekend. Get healthy. Future can be bright if we get rid of club dub and focus. Again, great, great, effort. You deserved the win. It will come guys.

I think any reasonable fan has to be impressed with how the team responded today.

Agreed except with the Club Dub thing.

I just don’t see that as a thing that had anything to do with the loss to San Jose State.

No Club Dub, they still lose to San Jose State inb my opinion.

Love this team! I am with these guys no matter what.

We had the game in our sights, but we couldn’t make the plays on the final drive. Being a Razorback fan is just brutal. I am so sick of losing. I was pleased with our effort…we played about as well as we are capable of playing. Treylon Burks is going to be a great player…he is something else.

I was wrong, again. I see why Coach Morris wanted Hicks to be the starter…he is just more dependable. He gives you a better chance to win. That play where Starkel got hurt was about as bad of a decision as a quarterback can make. You are near the goal…throw it away or run the ball. Don’t throw it into a crowd of people. Then he runs over and tries to tackle a runaway freight train…that wasn’t very smart, either. He has a little Ryan Mallett in him, I am afeared.

Very proud of the effort. Thought both lines played very well considering we were going against good sec caliber lines. Play calling was surprisingly good also for the most part

We have two weeks to get healed up an go get some sec wins

Kentucky will be our first Sec win

Good effort. But this is not a moral victory. They should have won. They need to learn how to win and not just play not to lose.

No Dudley you are so right about the dancing, but it sure as heck didn’t make our coach look very good…My thoughts only!


Ha. Should have won? Ha. We were a 23 point underdog. Your expectations are unreasonable. The only reason you think we should have won is because we overachieved for 3.5 quarters to even give you the thought of a victory. We shouldn’t have won but proud our team performed like we could. We certainly could have won.

Dudley I don’t think club dub is a by idea or concept. I just think it was poorly timed. Team is not or was not ready to celebrate. It impacted our focus. I don’t know if we would or wouldn’t have won without it. But I know we lost with it.

Club dub is for the 16-22 year olds we are recruiting. Anyone in their 40’s 50’s etc ain’t gonna like it but your recruits sure as hell do. You want more like Knox burka Brooks et al then more recruiting is needed

Our Hogs played a hell of a game - according to the experts A&M has one of the better defensive lines in SEC. We have a young team that is only going to get better

could not agree more. If we had won last week, we’d be 3-2 and I’d be thrilled with out trajectory. As it is, we’re 2-3, but I’m much happier with our trajectory than I was 7 days ago.

IF we continue to play like this, and our QB/WR’s/OL continue to learn to play together, we could still go bowling. Very happy with our effort today.


Agree. Very proud of our team today – they played their hearts out! Our coaches did a great job as well. I’ll have to admit that I projected a blowout after last week. And to lose to the damn Aggies again is just heartbreaking. Maybe someday soon that horseshoe will fall out of the back of their pants!

Very happy for Ben Hicks. He played a great game and showed a tremendous amount of heart.
Any loss is tough but hopefully we can build off of this game.

Actually, today was good for recruiting, IMO. Prolly made our decommit rethink his decommit.

Agree with the post! Very proud of entire team, both OL and DL played well, outgained Aggies and chance to win at the end. Very good for recruiting today.

Need an sec W now!

I mean this with all respect, but it doesn’t matter what it looks like to adults.

He matters what it looks like to prospects and they loved it.

If they had won against San Jose State, was 3-1 and Club Dub had been open again, I think no one would be speaking on it in a negative way.

His de-commit is apparently wanting to stay at home and play for Tulane so I doubt he is rethinking his decision.

He wasn’t that good anyway. Go find another.

Interesting. Auburn has offered him and wants to visit.

He wants to stay home. Who cares who offers right?