very proud of this team

defense fought their heart out and offense didn’t quit! but as usual when you give up a special teams TD you lose…love the effort .didn’t like the call on the long ball at the end they are playing Prevent! but I saw us getting better and tha’s progress…just need more playmakers

Team played with a lot of heart and grit.

Good effort, in having Storey throw deep, we aren’t really playing to his strengths. Thought both sides of ball grew up some today. Greenlaw, Harris and Watts are really giving their best. Hopefully a few others see the example they are providing. Onward and upward.

Really enjoyed this game. We are certainly improving by a lot each game.

We will win some games this season, defense alone will keep us in a lot of games.

Saw progress, and once again saw some fight from this team this week. Gotta get special teams fixed, but still proud of these guys.

Yep. Once they started they didn’t quit.

Hopefully Arkansas can put a lot of fans in the stadium the rest of the way out. We have to let recruits know the fan base supports coach CCM. He has been put into an extremely difficult situation this 1st year. It is obvious CBB had let the program totally slip away.