Very proud of the Razorbacks today

I did not expect to see a one possession game like that to the end.

There are no moral victories unless you are coming off a 2-10 season.

This was a huge moral victory.

It was a much better effort, but my guess is that will get lost in the loss with some fans

Agreed, they grew up today!

I don’t do moral victories. But I did see a lot of improvement and again, what this team can look like when have everything put together. This is why I’ve never and never will jump on the “fire Morris” bandwagon only two years in.

And you’re correct some are already posting

Fantastic effort! shame the Refs had to factor into the loss…just have to play with this type intensity against Kent who I think we can beat.

Very proud of the effort today. We have some young talented players, just need time !!! Took years to get down so far. WOOO PIG SOOIEEE :boar::football:

Very proud of the bounce back effort, showed character and had a chance to win. I honestly didn’t think this game would be close, i tip my hat to the players and coaches for regrouping after last week. WPS

Much better focus and effort by the players and coaches this week.
Unfortunately, still resulted in a loss.
What I find inexcusable is the lack of focus by players and coaches last weeks loss at home against SJS.
That garbage that evidently Grant Morgan said about blowing SJS out leading up to that game was bush league coming from a backup LB’r on a team coming off a 2-10 record last season.
Hopefully, the staff has gotten everyone’s full attention and focus for every opponent on the schedule no matter the name on the jersey.
Arkansas quite simply isn’t good enough to ever look beyond the next game.
If they continue to improve and stay healthy they may have a legitimate opportunity to win 4 or 5 games this season which would show improvement. I’m sure hoping that’s the case.

Go Hogs!

I don’t know how many we win.

But that was a nice effort today.

What you expect from the Razorbacks.

Certainly the best game we’ve had in the last couple of years. This year I’m mainly looking for improvement, and I certainly saw it today. Kickoffs into the end zone. Several quarterback sacks. Few sacks given up by the offensive line. Hit the first field goal, and we kick a field goal at the end to win.

I’m not into moral victories, but I will say I thought the entire team effort and the coaching for 4 qtrs was the best it’s been these last 2 seasons. It’s given me a level of hope that I didn’t have before this game.

Now, can we take that next step and win 2-4 more games to close out the season? Before this game, I thought 1 more win was the max.

We know what happened after a really good 2 qtrs of football against CO St. The absolutely horrible game against SJS. Hopefully that won’t reoccur against KY in 2 weeks. That game is winnable and we need it desperately.