Very Proud of the Ladies

Yes, I meant one conference win. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

When I retired from the Army I went to every game for a couple of years. Football, basketball and baseball. I also tried to get my kids to move to NWA. I have a lot of family around the area but my kids and And grandkids are in central Arkansas. So I’m here close to them. My new job “Grandpa”.

Sent you a p.m…

I was able to find a nice 2 acre lot out in Goshen for considerably less than anything on the I-49 corridor. Now, building materials costs are crazy but I think I’ll make out okay selling my house in Little Rock. There is a shortage of inventory there as well. I plan to maximize my viewing of Razorbacks sports as well!

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Your killing me here…really miss Fayetteville and would love to move up there and eventually retire there but not sure if will fly with my wife!

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