Very Proud of the Ladies

This is just one more tremendous coaching jobs. She came into a lower program and claimed to the top in what (?) 3 yrs. watched some their play. The ladies can flat out play!!


It is a great season and it’s great to see another Razorback sports team reach the top.


UA Spring Sports rock! Kicking some serious butt! A great way to finish the school year.

UA = Campus of Champions!


I think this is Year 5 but I’m not positive.
Bogel Park isn’t a cake walk for the visitors anymore. I hope Florida drops at least 1 game this weekend to A&M.

Love how AR Ladies Sports are reaching levels never before seen.
Great time to be a Hog Fan.

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I have to admit, when it got down to the last strike last night, my mind flashed back to a hot June night in Omaha. Fortunately no falling pop flies this time and Haff got the K to end it.
Now we turn into Aggie softball fans for a week. Just one, Ags. But two or three works too.

They are so much fun to watch. What an accomplishment. I hope we can keep Coach Deifel for a while!

Wish I resided in Fayetteville to watch them play live. They are fun to watch at Bogel Park.

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This is Courtney Deifel’s sixth season at Arkansas. She was hired after the end of the 2015 season.

Yea, my wife and I sit in the outfield. It is a fun place.

Trying to relocate to NWA, in part to attend on campus sports & other UofA activities - so may someday be joining you in the outfield. Unfortunately affordable homes in East Fayetteville is a challenge.

Never thought that I would want to attend lady’s sports, but success of UofA athletics & the venues now make those sports exciting.

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Why limit yourself to East Fayetteville?

Housing is tight everywhere, but you can certainly find areas less expensive than there.

I live in Rogers and the central location to the metro area is perfect.
Restaurants in Bentonville/Rogers, and Hog sports in Fayetteville

Being from the TX prairie, prefer being near the mountains, forests, & old HWY 71 on the Fayetteville East side. Prefer to be near UofA campus & old downtown Fayetteville.

North DFW & Plano are experiencing the same housing shortages. Noticed that in NWA for the past few years while my son was at UofA.

Understand there are great neighborhoods west of 49 & in Springdale, Rogers, & Bentonville. Have heard there are great venues in both downtown Rogers & Bentonville & need to explore those areas. Enjoy NWA & always reluctant in returning to Texas.

I envy you. I’d love to retire to NWA. My wife would, too. However, we have grandkids in LR & I wouldn’t want to leave them. If they leave here, I think I’d head to Fayetteville & buy season tickets to football, basketball, & baseball.

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Trying to get my son to return to NWA. He graduated Spring ‘20 & had better job opportunities in DFW. However, he might return to NWA with the right job opportunity & if I relocated there. Nothing like driving up 49 or old 71! Parents grew up in Mountainburg & Alma so learned to explore & enjoy NWA as a kid during summers on grandparents’ farms - not to mention brainwashed Razorback. I too would be at every UofA game.

Y’all making me homesick. Fayetteville never leaves us.
It’s like we’ve been grafted.


Didn’t they win just one game in her first season?

Think it was 1 CONFERENCE win; 1-23 SEC record.

17-39 overall, 1-23 in the SEC that first year.

Arkansas had consecutive 1-23 SEC records, in the final year under Mike Larabee and the first year under Deifel. I think the team was run ruled 11 times her first year.