Very proud of Mike and the team at Kentucky

Play with that kind of fight all year and in the NCAAs easy.

Loved the fight.

Was great to see.

Hope we see the same fight in the next three games.

That’s what they need. It was a suprise for them to play well in the first half. The second half they held and grabbed Joe and keep him from moving. If they play like this they have a chance to finish above 500 on the year. Maybe NIT invite. No chance of the dance unless they pull a miracle in the SEC Tournamnet.

Have to give this team and coaching staff credit. They fought there guts out in this game. The refs just weren’t going to let little blue lose tonight.

Gave them a chance to win when everyone expected a 40 point blow out. In the end it’s still a L. But it’s also pro wrestling with pro boxing judges officiating it and running it.

Porkers played hard… heartbreaking loss…

IF they play like this the rest of the way, they can have a springboard into the SEC tournament to make a run.

You never know.

Great effort against a very good Kentucky team. I had given up hope of winning again this season after the last 5 but we could win a couple of games still if we play like this. Maybe even one in SeC tourney. Its been a bad year, but if we can close with a couple wins and not have losing season, Mike deserves one more(not bc of this season or prospects for next as of yet) but bc of the past 5 years.i

When your opponent doubles you up on the free throw line your lucky to be in the game. Cats 32 free throws taken
Hogs took 15. That’s pretty bad.
Add in Gafford was thrown to the floor and got a foul called on him once he’s on the floor. The shots taken by Adrio, Harris and Gabe from the field total 0/14. Also Harris was 1/4 from the feee throw line.
How do win with 3 players on your team that are that bad from the field? Two of those guys were on the floor together most of the time.

Good analogy gashog…

My best friend was a ring announcer for pro wrestling for a while. His favorite line was “just because they know who will win does not mean we knows who will win”. In this case the line would be “the refs knew who would win”. Just like pro wrestling.

If that happens, you should talk so much smack, they rename this General’s board

The temptation would be great.