Very proud of coaches and players today

They could have quit down 31-7.

And with all the noise and headwinds of last several weeks.

Life lessons about perseverance today.

Proud of them.

Yes indeed
Nice to get W!

Well said, Bush…

Thus is huge. I was worried he had lost the kids. Obviously he has not.

Down 31-7 it is easy to give up. They didn’t.

I thought the same thing. I told my wife toward the end of the first quarter, the kids have quit. I’ve never been happier to be so wrong.

Proud of the players as always, the coaches suck as always. Don’t sugar coat this disaster!!!

I disagree. I say sugar coat and enjoy it. It’s what being a fan is all about on any particular Saturday

This is just sad.

By your logic the coaches are responsible for every loss but get no credit for a win.

And I hardly feel like today was a disaster.

Hmmm, can’t sugarcoat a victory but can criticize coaches in every loss, and apparently, even in wins. They must be criticized: they are breathing! Give it a break for one day!

Please step away from the keyboard for a while to pull it together or sober up.

I concur. There are just times people need to stop posting for a while.

Best win of the year no doubt, great effort by players and coaches a like. Several areas we looked much improved that contributed to the comeback win. Hammonds was a breathe of fresh air along with Warren, Limpert and our special teams. Really played a clean game penalty wise compared to many this season. WPS

One of my biggest gripes with Bielema is that his teams do not play clean as he emphasized they would. Penalties have gotten worse as time as gone on.

Refreshing to see so few penalties today.

The season has been a disaster prior to today. And coaching should have been better. But saying the coaches did not do their part is just wrong. Good halftime adjustments and the team came out fired up.

They may not be here next year but this game was won by coaches and players.


it was a great win for coaches and players alike.

no way to gripe about coming back from 31 to 7

just wonderful
and then
to win by hitting the game winning FG 4 times

hows that for an exclamation point !!

A shame some people can put a name out there to insinuate that they are Hog fans, but exhibit such a lack of decency and compassion for the sacrifice these coaches and players
give. Some have more fight and stamina than others and some will quit while others continue to scratch and
claw, but they wear that Razorback uniform and I am all in for them win or lose.

This is the start of what should be our first 2 game win streak of the season. We have not had 2 positive consecutive weeks in a row this season. My prayer is that the players and their psyches improve over these 2 weeks for an improved finish to the season.

Big plays killed us early but our defense made some good adjustments at half time. OM had a lot of yards on just a handful of big plays in the first half.

First half OM had 33 plays for 416 yards and 31 points.
Second half: OM had 26 plays for 169 yards and 6 points.