Very Pleased

I just went through the Perfect Storm thread. It was fun to read all the solid comments about basketball and how The Hogs are playing. Thanks guys for having Post about such things.

Now to the next two. FL is a very good team playing at home. It will be very difficult to win there, but it is certainly possible playing this style. Also, they just toyed with us at our place. There is a chance they will have a difficult time taking us seriously. That will help. A win there would mean a lot in seeding.

GA is also a pretty good team. Ask KY. We should beat them on our home floor and really need to to seal the deal. This will be a very important game.

I would love to see us finally playing in a sweet 16 game again. I keep reading about that 8-9 seed. That would make it tough. Win the next two and get to the finals in SEC could change that to a 7, dare I say 6 (too much). that could help.

One, Georgia is severely handicapped without Maten, and two, they also struggled mightily with Bama and LSU at home since Maten got hurt. Any team with JJ Frazier on it is dangerous, but if we take care of business it should be a fairly routine win. Just read that they’re also down one guard; Jordan Harris (5.2 ppg) is out indefinitely with some kind of a bone chip.

Said this in another thread. KY plays Vandy tonight. A win and KY locks up the #1 seed (the game is at Rupp) in the SECT. Florida could be on a letdown tomorrow, with nothing really to play for. AR (most of us agree) needs one more win. FL will lock us (even if we thought we needed two) in. I see this game very much favorable for us.

As for Georgia, Mark Fox said after their game the other night, that they are short handed and his guys are tired. That doesn’t bode well for them, especially at BWA. I can see us winning that game. Plus, if we beat Florida, our guys will be very loose for that game and playing to send the SR’s out with a win.

I can see us easily being 2-0 in these last two games (maybe easier than everyone else thinks). That would make us the 3 seed in the SEC Tourney. I believe that would put us against the winner of the 6 seed vs 12/13 winner matchup. If KY beats Vandy and Ole Miss beats Bama, I believe that means 6 seed is Bama (they have to win last game), and the 12/13 would be Miss St vs Missouri.

Comments: The Hawgs appears to be focused taking the next practice and game night one at a time looking no further beyond Wednesday’s game with Florida. Yeah I like that, pay back is a bit…, well you get the point. Personally for me, Very Pleased would encompass an attendants record, a packed arena on Senior Day at full capacity 18-20 thousand fans shouting, screaming WPS calling those hawgs in a very nasty manner. Yeah I would like to see Fox and his bulldawgs the SEC’s little darlings get an old fashion welcome to BWA (you remember the welcomes of the nineties to teams that venture in our house) the Hawgs should serve them an open can of WhoopAss and our fans will keep it going duration of the game.

Just a note. I was “pleased” with the tone and nature of the POST on the board. They were about basketball and different developments in play. That is good stuff to read.

Of course, I have been pleased with the play on the floor. Hope that continues. If it does, I can accept whatever happens.

I agree with the Post above about a “welcome” to The Bud Saturday. That would be great although I remember a similar season ending game against Ole Miss where we totally ran them out of the gym and down the street. That was followed by the usual egg the following week in the Tourney. Cannot have that.