Very pleased with Sam

I’ve been in a funk all weekend with the search. Hey if LK wants to go to OM then good riddance. Would have been the sexy hire but We want a guy who wants to be on the hill. He checks off a lot of the boxes. Numero Uno-great recruiter. I think he will concentrate on building program from the OL and DL up which really went downhill when he left. I’m on board again. WPS.


Very well stated, same here

I am well pleased… maybe because I had to climb ladder like Sam. I appreciate what a hard worker he has bren

I didn’t think I would be pleased after being so disappointed and upset yesterday over the KIffin deal, but after reading more about the guy and hearing what Kirby Smart said about him, I feel good about the hire.

We need him to be unexpectedly excellent.

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Yes Sir!

Funny, everybody assumes LK boinked us…maybe HY didn’t want him! :sunglasses:


Me too.

“Sometimes nothing, is a pretty cool hand…”

There is an old song line from my youth; I believe from the Rolling Stones, " you don’t always get what you want; but you get what you need.

I am thinking that is what we have with Sam Pittman. In many ways, his leaving the program few years back was the beginning of the decline.

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