Very nice article on Wise, Matt

but I’m a little confused–as I frequently am.

You said: "He said he hopes to improve his stock there with target numbers of between 4.7 and 4.8 seconds in the 40-yard dash, at least 20 reps in the bench press and around a 10-inch broad jump. "

I really really think I can broad jump 10 inches. Does that make me almost as normal as, say, Jeff (Swine)?

Should say 10-foot, obviously. Typo.

Fred, unless both your knees have been replaced, I think you and I can both handle a 10-inch broad jump (and maybe even if you have two bionic knees). Even though I have no fast-twitch muscles remaining. I went out to shoot jump shots at the gym a few weeks ago and quickly determined my jumping has pretty much disappeared. But I can still handle 10 inches.