Very minor in the big scheme of things but

Hurricane Irma could impact Arkansas’ plans for the open week of recruiting when they hit the road. They always go to Florida and Georgia to visit schools.

They are saying Irma will be worse than Harvey. Pray for Florida and everyone else in Irma’s path.

Totally thrown my vacation into a tailspin.
My daughter is (was) getting married on the beach in Pensacola on the 16th.

Waiting to see what direction Irma goes and what the beach will be like next week.

Pensacola may very well miss the whole thing. I live in Gainesville and have been in full-on prep mode today. I have quite a few huge trees right by my house, so I’m most likely headed to Alabama or somewhere out of the path.

the silver lining may be that you may save a lot of money if they’ll refund you deposits

Storms like this are no joke. I just pray that no one is killed and people use common sense. Changing plans for football, a vacation or a wedding is secondary. Those folks are in for some tough weather. I hope it turns eastward out to sea.