Very interesting timing here..

I find it very thought provoking when I consider the timing
of what we are seeing today. Long being dismissed or resigning
(as of this point we don’t know which) and the release of the
story on War Memorial.

I’ve always thought Jeff Long would pull us out of the “dump”
in LR to play all our games in Fayetteville. Not saying that is
the right or wrong move here (thats a completely different
debate), just saying I thought that was the direction he was
most inclined to take.

Now we have an article that very much greases the wheels for
games to be removed from a stadium that doesn’t measure up
to possible SEC requirements or TV standards. So it seems the
gauntlet has been laid down that basically implies that you fork
over millions in upgrades and get it done for there to even be
a possibility of games in Little Rock.

I have no doubt there is some big time money and political clout
tied up to War Memorial Stadium. WMS is a big time revenue
stream for some powerful people that have a very vested interest
in keeping games there. They will say its all about the fans, but don’t
kid yourself, its always about the money.

I think this may have been the nudge this group needed to finally get
aligned with those wanting Jeff out. Maybe this was the final straw.
Maybe they felt they had to get him out before games were pulled and
hoped for someone that would be more amenable to keeping games
in the rock.

Now, all this is idle speculation, but it sure feels like there has been some
political / power groups in the background that may have finally found
enough common ground to join together to bring enough pressure to
bear that Jeff is ousted, or at the least feels the writing on the wall and
has decided to leave on his own.

Was the GSD the final straw that broke Longs’ back? Sure is interesting
timing for both things to be happening at the same time.

Good points, be nice if we could get a coach and AD that 70-80% of the fans would support but that ain’t likely.

Sure it is. Just win baby. He’s gotta win :wink:

If he wins but the good old boys are still cut out of the loop, they’re not going to be happy regardless.

Oh well, such is life. Everybody can’t be happy. There was a poster the other day bitching about the basketball team, I dunno if it was you or Notorious who called him on it. As the World turns…

If this was the work of the “good ole boys” as I suspect it was. I would be highly
surprised if anyone that was placed in either the AD position or the coaches position
was not a “yes” man to them at least for the near future. Sometimes a “yes” man
can get out from under the strings tied to them, but it generally takes a good bit of
success and time.

Either way, however it works out, we are certainly entering into some interesting times.
I hope they turn out more to the good than the bad, but I suspect they won’t. I hope
I can come on here in a year from now and say I was totally wrong. Thats my hope.

I think timing was key here but I doubt WMS had much to do with it.

I am a total outsider … just a fan living in Texas who was in business almost 50 years and has seen many a corporate game.

I believe the Board told Steinmetz to fire CBB after the MSU game. He told Long to execute his directive. Long said “not if the wins one of the last two games”. Steinmetz then gave Long an ultimatum “Fire CBB or you are gone”

Now Long is well thought of nationally. After all he is the man who fired Bobby Petrino. He felt (still me thinking, not knowing) that firing CBB under those circumstances would look bad and he could get an even better job by declining the ultimatum. He could not resign because that would leave a million dollars on the table. So he said no and was dismissed.

Jeff’s money and rep are in tact.
Steinmetz will dismiss CBB soon.
There may or may not be a deal already in place for a replacement.
We shall see.