Very interesting article about Coach K adopting zone principles … 49704.html

I was going to post this same article if nobody else did. The old man-to-man or die defensive philosophy works no longer. This article points out why. If Coack K can change, why not Mike?

How many of the SS teams are playing a majority of their sets in zone?

Posts like these are puzzling to me, primarily because we went on a big run at the end of the year and one of the reasons is we played more (effective) matchup zone.

It’s also a bit of a head scratcher considering our primary weakness as a team was and has been 3 point defense (which is often worse in a zone)

I think part of the issue is a lot of times we are in a zone and (bc it is a matchup/switching defense) many people don’t realize it’s a zone.

It’s also ironic that many of the same fans calling for more zone are the same ones that lose their mind when we switch (which is one of the staples of the matchup zone).

The biggest weakness of the team has been defending guards who are good off of the dribble.

All too many times we give up token penetration that is designed only to move the defense for a kick out.

I though we had it figured out after the Fla game. we got torched by Tennessee and Butler.

Have you not noticed how much zone Arkansas plays? They mix it up quite a bit. The whole idea of Mike’s defensive scheme is to be unpredictable and cause chaos. If you notice they play more full court press and man at home than away.

There are some who complain that we get away from Hawgball on the road.

If you think they press and play man all the time, you have not been watching closely.

However, I bet what you think we do is exactly what Mike hopes our opponents think we do,

TAMU just played almost exclusively zone in the first half against MI and they gave up 10 3s (10-16 62%) and 57% overall (14 assists on 20 makes). MI is up 52-28 at half and is on pace for 104 points. They are playing man and stifling TAMU, even though TAMU lacks outside shooting.

Meanwhile, Loyola Chicago is smothering an offensively potent Nevada team in man to man. Nevada has 26 points in 23 minutes.

Really, it’s not about what defense you play as it is who you have playing it. We had a lot of minus defenders. And, our best defender had one of his worse defensive games to end the season.

I am wondering what if we had made Sweet 16 and got blown out 99-72, how would the usual suspects react? Would the reaction be any different than the Butler loss? I am asking the question based on the reaction to the Tennessee loss in the SECT on this forum and call-in shows after a big win over Florida.

There would be a meltdown

Why waste time wondering about what reaction would be if the Hogs had made it to the sweet sixteen?
We didn’t get out of the first round!
Nothing will change until we get better, deeper, tougher roster with a several “MEN” at the 4-5 positions.
Until that happens, all talk is a complete waste of time.

Go Hogs!

Why waste time asking me a question when all I did was answer someone else’s question? Why not ask them, oh never mind, I know.

The same 5+ posters will attack you over and over. In spite of the head in the sand crowd- Keep posting please.

Point to where anyone was attacked in this thread. You can’t. He posted an opinion. People posted their opinions in responses. There was no name calling.

The only hint of anyone being attacked was you popping into the thread to tell someone about an imaginary attack that was actually just people responding to the original post with their opinions and questions.

Reading comprehension 101 ==== “will”

I’m all for playing a man defense if you can play it better than a zone. It’s obvious there’s times in a game where matchups determines the type of defense you need to play and CMA for the most part makes good decisions in this area, but that’s not where the problem lays. Overall poor defensive play no matter what type of D is our problem, we have to become a better defensive unit period. WPS

You nailed it. Where have you been.

I have a feeling based on Bo’s interview of TJ prior to SECT that Mike was very frustrated with this group that he never could develop defensive intensity consistency with this group. They showed it in spurts and selected games. It was better starting February