Very impressive win!

I was on the road coming back from work so I didn’t see a single play but anytime you hold a team to 43 points and beat them by 23 after they only lost by three to a ranked VCU team. That is a very good win way to go guys!!

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Even though our TOs were down we still made some silly mistakes. Eliminate those and we we would have won by 30. Team can definitely get better which is crazy to think bout. Looking forward to this season. We are going to need to find and inside game though.

yeah doesnt look like we have many options for inside game on this team unless Chaney all of a sudden has a post up game. That will kill us against the big teams but thi team appears to play very hard and on a given night if the 3 ball is dropping we may surprise some teams…Love Muss energy,like a breath of fresh air.