very impressed with Nesbit

outside of the surprise HR by Christian was the bat of Nesbit! nhe went up thee to hit the ball and he did I really like the last 2 hits he got b/c they were on mid 90’s FB and he played a good 3B…I also really Like Goodheart! he has agreat swing and will hit quite a few HRs this yr,love how he stays on the pitch and has power to all fields… Kenley also looks like a much different hitter, hit the ball very hard 3 times! and has power I didn’t think he had.We will really find out more next weekend in Cali but for now I think we may be Ok at the plate.

It’s been a nice start, lots of hitting and scoring. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of the next week, after the Hogs traverse the continent and play a legendary program.

I remembered last night something that Nesbit’s high school coach told me when he committed, that he is really good with runners on and two outs. I only have data for his sophomore year, because that is when I wrote the story about him committing, but he batted .344 with runners in scoring position and had 7 RBI with two outs. Of course that was against high school pitching - albeit high school pitchers are good at his level in Dallas - but it goes to show a good approach in critical situations. He showed that yesterday, especially in the second game. … seball-co/