Very good KJ film Breakdown

This guy does a good job of illustrating how talented KJ really is…good stuff.

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Great analysis of KJ but it also shows how well this offensive line protected him against Bama and Texas. With 4/5 of them returning, that is very exciting.


Absolutley…especially the behind OL views lets you see how vital teamwork is up front bc you are passing off a lot up front against all the twists/loops that Bama runs and they did a great job. I think we will be very good up front again as long as we can stay healthy.

Clearly the team got better during the season last year. While we have another really tough schedule this year, my feeling is we’re starting much stronger than we started last season.

That very slow “Burks” was on the end of many of those completions, especially the one where he outran all of the Bama D. Makes me wonder on how we replace that.

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I had seen this on KJ before. This time I watched the Oline work. That gives me as much hope for this season as about anything.

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Yeah a lot of good teamwork up front being illustrated in that video. We could be even better this year if we can find a secure LT

Fact that some of these O line starters are getting pushed for playing time by younger guys is good news to me.

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