Very disappointing

This team ain’t jelling. Barford and Kingsley stinking it up

Macon on the other hand has been phenomenal. Cook has also been better than I expected.

Disappointing offensively, but I thought the defense/effort was there. Less than optimal crowd, not a real sexy opponent - didn’t play well and still won by 16 (and I thought NDSU was a solid mid-major).

Barford was out of synch all night. If he can’t blow by his opponent he doesn’t seem to know what to do.

Defense was quite good tonight. Held Bison to less than 0.8 points per possession. While their FT problems contributed to that, it’s still solid defense. We averaged exactly 1.00 points per possession, which is just about what we did against Texas. Gotta start shooting better than 40% though.

Best foul shooting team in school history?

So far.

Great website and a good follow on twitter.

After 14 for 16 tonight, we’re up to .795, which would have been 7th in the country as of yesterday (we were 8th at .790 anyway). National leader is Notre Dame which is shooting .856. The NCAA record for a season is .822, so ND would smash the record if they keep shooting like that.

Might get a little tougher to sustain that high FT percentage as the season progresses, games get closer and fatigue and pressure become a factor. But on the other hand confidence can become a factor as well at the FT line.

Or it could get better.


i keep saying Barford, and all our guards, won’t be able to play that way against top 25 teams. we got to create open shots for others and look for our big guys to finish in the paint. not a lot of creating open shots for each other in this game tonight. i think they are still gelling, but tonight was a fortunate dose of learning the hard way without losing.

I wasn’t disappointed. Did you expect us to win by more and that’s why you were disappointed. Or did you think they should be in better sync right after a week of finals? Or something else?

Absolutely no reason for disappointment in the game tonight. We were a 15 point favorite and won by 16. NDS is a good solid mid-major with back to back 20+ win seasons.

Correct Dudley, that’s what I meant by the confidence factor.

mainly our first half play has been average. our second half play has been very good. might be the wear and tear on teams with not as much depth. i want to see us play some sec competition… i really think this team has the potential to be very good. guess I’m still waiting for that stretch when everyone knows their role, and everyone hitting shots. we are certainly better when we can run. but our half court offense is not up to par yet. i would like to know our shooting percentage when we can run vs. setting up in half court. this is 2 in a row when we have played a so so first half, made a spurt in second half to secure game. even announcers comment on this. happy to have only one loss so far and even though no name teams for the most part they have been pretty good. wish we would schedule a couple of bigger names early in the year to see where we are heading into league play.

There’s a phrase that should never be spoken out loud . . .


Although Texas and Houston qualify as big names to me, I would suspect that with the talent here and coming that TV will once again return to helping Arkansas set up some games.

I just can’t buy a team that is 10-1 being called “very disappointing.”

I also cannot buy a team that is 10-1 with an NCAA RPI of 27 being called “very disappointed.” … etball-rpi

Very disappointing and we’re 10 - 1…Give me a break…What on earth do you want? What’s disappointing is the attendance, but Y’all want to moan and groan on a 10 - 1 start…

Before you come on here crying do your research on the teams we have beaten and you’ll see the majority will be dancing in March. Stop looking at the name on the front of the jersey.

Same guy said he would play Trey over Moses. Enough said.