Very disappointing loss

It shouldn’t hurt us if we come back to win the series, but if we lose 2 or heaven forbid get swept, this will come back to haunt us.

If the SC coach decided to hold his best two starters to avoid facing Knight in a game he was almost willing to concede to us, that’s looking like a brilliant strategy right now. We have pitchers who can do their part to keep SC down against them, but we’re going to have to do a better job at the plate & on the base paths than we did tonight, though.

I’m trying to keep my chin up, but I’ll wake up tonight replaying this game.

We need big starts from Murphy and Campbell now.

It’s baseball, nobody goes undefeated, so if you win 2 out of every 3 you play, you’ll be fine. Florida has lost 2 home SEC games, they’ll lose more, as will we. We missed some opportunities, hopefully we don’t wish n the next two games.

I didn’t watch much of the game on the SEC Network, but I saw us make a couple of basic baseball mistakes…We couldn’t bunt the runner over to 3rd base. Very few guys can bunt which is strange. It is a basic baseball skill learned in Little League. We also had a huge base running blunder by Dominic Fletcher when he should have scored on a line drive to centerfield. Those 2 mistakes were killers.

We also had some bad luck when that huge fly ball to right center was blown back into the park. That ball was gone.

You win some…you lose some…some get rained out.

I have pretty much found that all losses are disappointing. This was just like all the rest.

Well, that’s true, but they seem to hurt worse when you expect to win. (I suppose we should always expect to win every game, but I’d be dishonest if I said I expected us to beat, say, Alabama in football last year. That loss was less painful than the earlier loss to South Carolina was. At least it was to me.)


I have pretty much found that all losses are disappointing. This was just like all the rest.

[/quote]Not sure I agree in this case. It was a loss like none other I’ve seen this season. The 0-4 with bases loaded is a pretty amazing stat; especially playing in front of the home team. My view is this was a game of complete lack of execution, when it mattered. The Hogs could have easily won this game by six runs.

We hit the ball pretty good last night. But we were not good in situational hitting. It’s frustrating to have 4 situations with bases loaded, albeit with two outs, but couldn’t get one big hit. One big hit in any of those situations would have probably scored two runs.
Those DP’s we hit into were inning and momentum killers.
STILL, we were right there in position to get another big first game series win. Just couldn’t get the big hit.
I look for Murphy to be solid tonight, and our offense to have some fire in their belly. These guys are competitors and they have all the weapons to bounce back tonight and tomorrow. I hate losing!

Losing is worse than being hungry and I hate being hungry.
I can fix one but the other remains evermore.