Very bad loss by the ladies

Probably gonna lose that 4 seed. No excuse to lose this game. None. Very disappointing. Coach has to find a dominant athletic post to go with his amazing guards. Gonna be tough sledding if he doesn’t. I really thought we might win this SEC Tourney. Like I said, very disappointing. We can’t afford to waste that win over UConn.

I felt like Coach Neighbors got outcoached to be totally honest. Not that he’s not a wonderful coach. He is. But Ole Miss came in with a plan that just killed us. On defense, they just let the #5 roam and clog up passing lanes. No fear at all of Taylah or Erynn making them pay. We did try to drive and dish, but we just kept botching that…bad passes or bad catch…whatever.

On defense I was just losing my mind watching us play their #5 straight up. She killed us. We didn’t try to front consistently, and our double teams were late. I wish a 2-3 zone were part of our scheme. We need to be able to slow down a dominant post. Or…trap and press to take advantage of our quickness.

Anyway…we have time to figure out something. Before we start the bog dance. As a #5 seed no doubt. Let’s hope that.

without a dominant post, if we are not hitting threes we struggle. been this way ever since neighbors took over. he has been successful at what he does, but he needs to recruit a center or three to shoot us up to the next level. if we are not hitting threes, then just pack the paint and swat balls away on drives… rebounding kills us. have a 6’5" awesome player coming in, but she’s not a true center. will be interesting to see how neighbors uses here along with eaton he sat out this year with a knee injury.

Seems to me we dribble too much.

I don’t think a traditional post player is part of Coach Neighbors system. Ladies play a version of Hawgball. It is an uptempo system just like we know it on the men’s side.

From a NET standpoint, it isn’t a bad loss. OM is #47 in NET. On a neutral court, that’s Q1. Did we play well? Not at all. Does it give our NCAA opponents a blueprint? Yeah, but most teams don’t have the length and athleticism the Rebnecks do.

The poor shooting and Turn overs doomed the ladies. That was a repeat of the Auburn game! They played poorly until they started a little run to close the gap and had turnovers to keep them from taking the lead.
On 1 turnover Ole Miss step on the end line right in front of the ref with no call that extended their lead back to 3 or 4 points. They also passed up open shots in the 4 th quarter to go inside and get their shots blocked. It wasn’t a good game at all for the ladies. This may be a good thing for them to get humbled! Maybe they will play with a little more spirit and fight on defense! That’s where they are lacking the most effort.

It doesn’t as matter as much to be the 4th vs the 5th seed this year since all games are being played in San Antonio. This team lives and dies by their shooting so if they have a cold night they can lose to anyone the same as if they have a hot night they can beat anyone.

Bad night period. Couldn’t do anything right. Refs didn’t help but not the reason they lost. Step slow & out hustled to.
The ladies have beat really good teams with taller players in the post this year. No need to mention who. By driving inside and either blowing past and/or getting the fouls or kicking out hitting the 3.
Seem to be playing at the level of the competition.
I bet CMN gets their attention including Miss Dungee.

Get some fire in them to play hard from the opening tip! The next game they play in the dance won’t be a cake walk either.

I don’t think Neighbors needs to alter his offensive philosophy. Not at all. I am saying that, last night, Ole Mrs. let their #5 roam free. Clog up driving lanes. When a team does that, you have to make them pay. We never did.

I do think we need better play down low…especially on defense. (And being able to catch drop offs and pocket passes on drives and score the damn ball) I disagreed with the decision to play their post straight up. At some point early on I was waiting on us fronting her and bring help down early. If they hits threes, so be it. But we just kept playing her fairly honest. And she just murdered us. It would be like having a team just run the ball down your throat and you refuse to bring down your safeties.

Long term, and Neighbors knows this as well as any of us (actually far better), Neighbors teams are either going to have to improve their defensive rebounding, or turn teams over at a higher rate. One or the other.

This particular team can get hot and beat literally anyone. But if the 3 ball isn’t falling we are vulnerable.

I did appreciate Chelsea just continuing to bring it. It was not her best game…but she never backed down an inch. I am gonna enjoy watching her for years to come. Watch her become one of the most marketed players in the WNBA.

Lastly…have all of you watched Jersey’s workout video on YouTube? As the irish say “Jaysus, Mary and Jooosuph”…that is one awesomely skilled basketball talent. At 6-5. The female Durant.

Going to be hard for ladies program to get great until learn to play defense

Best comment in a while. They played strong defense and worked on rebounding for the Baylor game and the
U Conn games.
There is also a trend with other things that repeat as well. Charging instead of taking the short shot and a lack of effort and hunger form the opening tip.

Maybe Neighbors is like Nolan regarding the SEC tourney. He never made a big deal to the team about winning the SEC tourney. The only exception was in 2000 when he had to win it to get into the Big Dance.

Our Lady Razorbacks will now have extra rest for their legs and more prep time for the tournament that really matters.

During this test I hope they watch tape and see how much different they played defense the last 5 minutes against Auburn and Ole Miss!

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