Versatile Wren set to vsit Arkansas next week (story)...

I talked to his coach to get an idea about why his recruiting exploded after only playing three defensive snaps last season. … acks-2017/

DD, you mentioned we have 11 commitments, I only counted 9 on the commit list on the 2018 list?

Cleary and Henry count on the 2018 class.

Oh ok, thx.

On paper only, they will be counted in overall count of 85 in the Fall semester of 2017.

11 of 15 spots filled

Dudley, I know a lot of movement can take place between now and the 2019 class, but do you think that class will be tight on numbers as well?

I’m being told 18

Thanks, Dudley.

I think I will count Wren and Jones as committments

I think that is a high probability