Veronica Campbell-Brown eliminated in 200

Ran in the last (and slowest) heat of the Olympic women’s 200 and finished third. Top two in each heat plus six fastest others advanced, and she wasn’t fast enough to make those six fastest. It looked like she might have had a bit of an injury, maybe a tender hammy. I’m guessing that ends her Olympic career after five (yes five) Olympics and three gold medals.

But I’m not sure she would have advanced anyway. She started in lane 7 and as they came out of the turn she drifted out into lane 8. She did not interfere with the runner in 8, who was well behind her, but as far as I know running out of your lane gets you disqualified. Even though drifting wide actually made her run farther. Does anyone know if she would have been DQd due to drifting into an outside lane?

EDIT: Found a USATF document (instructions for track officials) that says since she did not gain an advantage by drifting wide and did not impede the runner in lane 8, there is no reason for disqualification.

Clive Pullen was also eliminated this morning in the triple jump prelims. He managed only 52-9; it took 54-6 to make the final. Two of the three US jumpers moved into the final; they’re both Florida products (it seems the Wallets have surpassed us as Triple Jump U).

Arkansas’ best chances at medals are Sandi Morris in the pole vault, Omar McLeod in the 110 hurdles and Taylor Ellis-Watson in the 400 relay. In fact, Ellis-Watson may have the best chance.

I am not focused on non-Americans, so I missed Veronica not qualifying. When she came in third, I thought she would qualify on time and forgot about it until I saw this thread. Checking the results, I noticed she just missed qualifying. She was not expected to do much here anyway. She is past her prime.

McLeod is a big favorite and should win it unless he falls on a hurdle. I am hoping and rooting hard for one of the Americans to beat him, but he is just too good at this time. He will win the gold medal. Wish he had become American citizen while he was here,

Yes, Razorbacks’ best chances at medal are Sandi, Omar and Taylor. As far as Arkansas, it already has a medal in Jeff Henderson. The other best opportunity for Arkansas is Michael Tinsley in 400 Hurdles.

Tinsley also was eliminated this morning. Ran very poorly in his heat in lane 1 and could only manage a 50.18. It took 49.54 to advance.

Is Tyson Gay not running in the 4x100 relay? I would think the USA would medal there.

Gay is in Rio but it remains to be seen if he will get on the track. He finished fifth in the 100 final and it was a little surprising that he was added to the team.

I happen to think our best chance for a medal is McLeod, who is many people’s gold medal favorite in the 110. I also wouldn’t put a medal past Lexi Weeks in the PV either. Pole vault prelims are this morning. Hurdles semifinals are also today; McLeod won his heat yesterday with the fastest time in all the heats.

Tyson will probably run in the 4x100 relay heats before the final. I got mixed feelings about Tyson running in the relays. He has played a part in last three USA disqualifications. It seems there is a dark cloud around him. I kind of hope they keep him out of the relays.

As far as the Razorback medals, I think Sandi Morris will medal and Lexi Weeks won’t. It is too early for Lexi. And unfortunately for me, McLeod will medal. I don’t want any more medals for Jamaicans in these Olympics. They are taking over the sprint domination from USA. Hate that.

I think that horse got out of the barn about the time Usain Bolt showed up. USA hasn’t won 100m gold of either gender since 2004, and only the women’s 4X100 in London in the sprint relays since 2000.

Yes, that is because by the time Usain Bolt arrived, so did Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce who would have done the three-peat in the 100M just like Usain if she was not hurt. What you mentioned is the reason I root against Jamaicans. Would like to see USA back on top again.