Vermont Vs Providence here is the game to watch

Still waiting for you to state a single fact to support your trashing of a good team. Some of the bettors know a lot more than you or I do.

Oddsmakers are amazingly good at setting lines. Betting on Vt and getting 5.5 points is not the same as betting on Vt to win.

Is that what they’re saying we are 5.5 favorites?? I don’t do any betting so I’m not real sure how that works

On the 4 line UCLA is -14, Illinois is -7.5, Ark is -5, and Providence is -2 (per I am not really surprised by the Ark line, but I am kind of surprised that it is drawing that much action. I can’t imagine what the bettors see that makes this game that attractive.

Yes. They’re saying we’re a 5.5 point favorite.

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The arrogant Duke pundit, Jay Bilas, has been spouting that Vermont will rain 3’s over the out of position Hog defenders and that Arkansas will not be able to score enough to overcome the onslaught of the Catamounts 3’s.

If Arkansas had it’s current coach and roster, they would be undefeated playing Vermont’s schedule. Don’t fall for gaudy statistics earned against weak opponents. Muss will have the Razorbacks ready and will dominate the Catamounts.

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It’s quotes like that that can make us nearly unbeatable for a team like Vermont. Keep 'em coming.

I hate Bilas he loves to hear hisself talk but if we cover the three the way we did against Tennessee and they’re shooting like they’re supposed to be able to we’re going to be in trouble. I don’t think he’s taking into consideration that when we’ve had Toney in the lineup nobody’s really shot the 3 well on us with the exception of Texas A&m, he was not in the lineup against Tennessee and that made a huge difference,it’s hard to shoot over a 6’7 long armed quick defender.

Paul Bunyan can step out and hit the 3 for them though so we’re going to have to be aware of that because he’s in 42% of them.
we are going to have to be aware of them cutting back to the basket away from the ball our backside defenders have got to be well aware of that cuz that’s where they get a lot of their layups.
I think our defense can totally disrupt what they’re doing if we come ready to play and if we will make the extra pass we can get a shot around to goal on offense.

I haven’t trashed Vermont one time…not once. I don’t care enough about Vermont to trash them. If anything, I’m trashing the bettors and “pundits” who did this same s$%t last year when we played Colgate. Disrespect Muss with 4 or more days to prepare at your own peril. You know what they say about a fool and his money…Go Hogs and screw Jay Bilas!


I will be surprised if we win by less than 10, shocked and frowning if under 6.

The Atlantic East is ranked #26 out of all conferences; the SEC is #3. And, the Hogs will be rested.

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