Vermont vs Florida St

Review for hook and hold. Mann from Florida St clearly has the hook with one arm and the grab holding with the other arm! On the rebound they called the foul on Vermont ! It should have been a common foul on Florida St and an F-1! Welcome to the ACC invitational! It’s close and the refs are helping.

Garbage! On Vermont’s best player too. Anthony Lamb needs to come back and tear it up. He’s a monster. Vermont to the sweet 16! Let’s go

The refs won’t let Vermont win!

Vermonters are too tough to let a few refs stop us. We are about to get another foot of snow this weekend up here on top of what’s still on the ground and expect to play much deeper into March. Hopefully we’ll have sunshine and green grass by the time they are packing their bags. Either way, Anthony Lamb is my favorite player since Gafford bailed for south beach (the jealousy is real)

ok I’m starting to think you may be right about these refs smh

Give the refs a win in this contest. This is what sucks about sports. Even with the review they failed to call the F-1 and it changed the game!