Vermont is a beast

Big 10 with 9 teams again TX A&M got robbed. It’s wrestling.

Yeah Texas A&m got shafted and Vermont sounds like a very good team. We will see which Arkansas team shows up.



Did they?

Haven’t folks on this forum been proclaiming that post-season conference tournaments don’t mean anything (unless you win it all and get the automatic NCAA bid)?

A&M was on the wrong side if the bubble prior to the SEC Tourney, didn’t win it all, and are still on the outside looking in.

Seems to validate the “means nothing” argument … and that the entire body of work means more than recent play.


Vermont 52 in the final NET. 0 - 1 against Quad1. 1-1 against Quad 2. Haven’t been tested.


I saw a report that says they can shoot the 3. Two players at 40%

I am not one bit worried about Vermont, but I am pissed for A&M. I don’t like them at all, but they deserved better. Just another perfect example why conference tournaments don’t matter…at all.


I don’t know if we win, but Vermont has played only 2 power 5 teams, all year

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Eight straight losses meant they had to win the tourney I guess.

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Ridiculous, considering how they finished. I am SO SICK of the Big 10 bias. I bet they don’t put one team in the Final 4…again.

…and to piggy back on that point…if the entire NCAA is going to play conference tournaments…the tourney’s SHOULD matter.

Actually…I think the sec tourney did matter for us. We solidified a 4 by beating LSU…but I suspect we slipped from the 15 overall to 16 (and therefore are in Gonzaga’s bracket instead of the Kansas bracket) seed.

But the ags got screwed.

The SECT didn’t matter at all, Robbie. If it did, Tennessee would be a 1 seed, and A&M would be in the field. We got seeded exactly where we would have been had we never gone to Tampa. Total joke.

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I was kinda joking. They did win the Conference Tournament by 30+ a game.

We will maul them.

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Jeremy you may be right. What I know is that Lunardi had us as the 15 overall seed…and suddenly we are the 16. Maybe the tourney had no impact. I suspect it did.

In any case…here we are. Let’s go beat Vermont.

I like our draw and seed. If we can’t beat Vermont we don’t belong in the Dance.
Win that one and the next game will be
Against the winner of
U Con and New Mexico St I think.
Those 2 games should be wins.
The next week end it might be the Zags.


They were not going to put any of the four top 16 seeded SEC teams in the same region. So, I’m sure the seedings had to be adjusted to reflect that.

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Vermont’s last game was Mar 6th. They won their last 3 games by 30 or more points. Weak conf but they are a strong team.

Exactly. Things like that had more effect on where we’re sent than a loss to A&M. I won’t say tourneys are completely meaningless, but they don’t mean much for team not on the bubble. Tennessee would have moved to a 2 or even a 1 seed if the tournament meant very much. Alabama and LSU both got in at about where everyone thought they’d be seeded and neither really impressed during the tournament. LSU beat a bad Missouri team but lost to us. Alabama went 0-1 to Vandy. I can’t point to anything the SECT changed. Maybe it did, but I don’t know what it was. Maybe if UK had won it all, they’d be a 1 seed. Maybe.

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There is too much going on in the committee room for me to buy the “screw X team” but I do wonder what the hell they were paying attention to. An 18-15 OU team? Almost in, and ranked ahead of A&M? Nine B1G teams? Really??

No conference was tougher than the SEC. It means we will be battle tested heading to Buffalo.

Vermont is the type of team that gives ANY P5 team fits. They are good at what they do and were able to roll through their tournament and then rest for a few extra days knowing they would be playing.

Not scared of Vermont…at all!