Vermont game plan against us

Listen to their press conference and they were asked about JD and they said he was a great player and he said we’re going to try to get the ball out of his hands, sounds like they’re going to try to double him which might open up Jay will at the free throw line to either shoot or pass to a cutter to the basket. They are cocky bunch very confident. Hopefully we come out on fire tonight and jump on them early and let them know this is not like who you been playing


Amen, If they double team JD he should have 10 assist by halftime! WPS

That’s what it made it sound like to me they might be trying to do. Little guard said they were just going to try to get the ball out of his hands.

If we defend well against the three and rebound well we should escape unscathed. WPS

Keep the ball moving and don’t wait on the double team. Pass pass and pass to the open look or dunk.
The hogs need every player to be a threat to score.

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Yeah that’s the key keep the ball moving and not dribbling

Yes, dribbling to much is one of our downfalls that leads to turnovers and dunks at the other end. WPS

Well and not only that it kills the offensive rhythm easy to cover one dribber, hard to cover three or four passes, but we have not shown that we like to pass it all a lot even though he wants 200 passes a game. We will see

They are totally conceited! We need to take the wind out of their sails real quick. If they have any reason to feel good they are gonna act like they’re invincible. But let them get a reality check and see what good competition really looks like. I got a feeling they’re going to fold up. Their confidence is totally untested and undeserved. Over-confidence never won nothin for nobody

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I think you hit the nail on the head with 200 passes, will be looking forward to the pass count. WPS

That’s what he wants I guarantee you we hadn’t come close to that number lately

I sure hope that our Hogs don’t feel that way about Vermont (sorry, responding to Dogen, but prior two comments appeared while I was typing). They could be the greatest underdog of the tournament, so we better bring our “A” game! When you win every game in your conference tournament by 30 or more points, no matter what the level, you must have something. Let’s get serious here and play some serious ball!

Oh trust me Muss was pissed at the press conference when they asked him had he seen the predictions of us getting upset. He said yeah I’ve seen the clips and I will continue to show them the clips
We will come out highly motivated tonight hopefully not to motivated we can’t afford to get off to a crappy start like we had the last two first halfs


Well the coach in the press conference played Nevada a few years ago and got destroyed so he knows what kind of Defense he’s up against he said we’re going to have to play a great game to win.


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