Verlander accepted the trade to Houston

Basically to pitch tomorrow night: World Series title on the line. I would be shocked if he doesn’t pitch very well, and it will be a lot cooler in LA this time (forecast for temps in the 60s) so the ball won’t be quite so jumpy. Now if he can just get his slider to bite with the slick WS balls. Of course, now that I write this, tomorrow’s score will be 17-16 with a winning 49-yard field goal in the fourth quarter. :lol:

Indeed, who would have thought, with last night’s pitching match-up, that the final would be 12-13? It seems to me that Houston’s best chance would be to win tomorrow. But it is baseball and you never know.

Yup…he’s been unbelievable ever since he got to Houston, regular season and playoffs. You could say he’s due for a bad game…maybe but I don’t think so. Astros need to keep the bats going and stay away from game 7.

Verlander is a great postseason pitcher. I can’t wait to see him in that setting tomorrow.

Loved his 2006 postseason performance

I stayed up and watched the entire game last night and it was amazing. The one handed home run to left just proves the ball is juiced.
Verlander reminds me of watching Smoltz back in the day!
He can flat compete and battle on the mound.