Venables wants who?

Venables top choice for OC

Wait, what? Jeff Lebby top pick and not Kendall Briles? Maybe KB is his #2 pick.

Wow, that’s some hate for CKB.

Hate? Man, that’s some far cry from hate. Just a little playful poking the tiger.

KB has done a good job with developing KJ this year. I just maintain of the 2 OCs, I think JL is the better.

I think Venables and Lebby have worked together somewhere in the past. Job #1 is keeping Caleb Williams. Getting Lebby might do it.

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Would be a good hire but if he is looking for future coaching job, his current position likely gives him the most exposure. Winning big at Ole Miss provides that in SEC West.

Lebby was a GA at Oklahoma when Venables was the Sooners’ coordinator.


OC at OU is a far better job than Ole Miss, regardless of conference. OU is CFB blue blood. OM is not. Plus, it gets him out of Kiffin’s shadow. Many think Kiffin runs the offensive show anyway.

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Given their overall success as a program, I would agree. But Norman isn’t a nicer place to live than Oxford, lol.

I hear you. Ole Miss has beaten Saban , Oklahoma has not.

Highly debatable.

Assuming Venables is hired at OU, his task the next two or three years is to develop a roster that is capable of competing on the line in the SEC. I suspect he will hire away a lot of SEC assistants who know what those players look like.

I watch a lot of Oklahoma football. There are good linemen, but on the whole its line play was nowhere near SEC level under Riley.


I would rather live in the OKC area any day over Oxford — crazy weather and all.


I know. OK is part of my territory at work so I get to spend quite a bit of time out there. Norman’s proximity to OKC does offer some things. I guess you could say Oxford has similar proximity to Memphis but I can’t stand that city. Oxford is definitely closer to some great beaches.

Agree Matt. I do think Bill Bedenbaugh is a good O line coach. And they’ve had a few really good O linemen, like Creed Humphries. But, like Texas, they really need to elevate things.

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Didn’t lebby also play at Oklahoma also? I think venables is choice bc they have five former Sooners already on staff and venables would probably keep all of them.

Our former te coach is on staff there and was on staff with lebby the year before that.

I don’t know. I’ve had a lot of fun in Oxford. I’ve lived in OKC before and didn’t like it one bit. The 18 months I was there was like a prison sentence.

It’s funny how places appeal to some and not to others. I’ve spent a lot of time in Oxford; just not my cup of tea. I like the Norman area.

I grew up in a small town of 3,500 people. I know hundreds of people who would never think of leaving there. I never want to move back.

I love where I live, so I’m not moving. We just bought a new house in Fayetteville with a big backyard for our kids. We live five minutes from my parents and less than 30 minutes from my wife’s family. It takes the entire village when you have kids as young as ours — 3, 1 and 4 months. :grinning:


I agree. We’re building a house out near Goshen and I can’t wait to move back up to NWA. It’s tops for me. We have a little cabin near where I grew up. We love visiting there and love our friends but that’s as close as it’s going to get. Moving back there isn’t part of any plan.


Matt, I think the joys of small town living are lost on the young. Like John Cougar Meglamaniac. I was born in a small town. Learned to call the Hogs in that same small town. That small town in East Arkansas is about half the size now that it was when I left, roughly 40 years ago. It is now a drug and crime infested hell hole that is damn near uninhabitable. I lived in mostly big cities after I left. Three years ago I moved to a beautiful little town of just under 5000 beautiful souls in SE Missouri. I love the small town life now. So laid back, so stress free. When you eliminate traffic, crime and stressed out people from your life, life is beautiful. Don’t know much about OKC. It does have that word city in it’s name though. Yuck, not for me! As for Oxford, It would probably be a fairly nice place to be. If not for all those Ole Miss fans!. Yuck, not for me either! I think I’ll stay where I am and continue to call plays from my recliner.


Keep in mind, that while Norman is close to OKC, it is not the same.