Venables on the Arkansas job

That’s confirming it without confirming it.

I like the fact that he didn’t know how to or want to lie…that is character at its best.

It’s my belief he’s the man for the job. He’s been surrounded by success and is extremely loyal to whichever program he is with. His interview with Bo only solidified my stance. He’s gonna make a program very happy one day, I just hope it’s the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Certainly tells me he’s interested.

YES YES YES PLEASE! Defense finally! :smiley:

I would take him in a heartbeat. Norvell was my 2nd choice. Anyone but Gus was my first choice

CBV has been my guy all along. I hope it happens.

Hogs need to snatch him up. If they are smart.

Snatch him up. D wins championships.

You all are listening to the part you want to hear

Hi comments about loyalty and preparation made it pretty clear to me he has no plans of taking any job while he is coaching at Clemson in preparation for the playoffs.

I would love to have him but sure sounds like a no-go.

The very first word out of his mouth was: “yeah”! What’s not encouraging about that?

I want him also.

He has been my first choice all along but must admit Morris is growing on me, very solid.

Venables is a great coach and a winner. He’s a target of Tennessee as well. We may end up dragging our feet until he signs else where.
Venables has been my first choice for 6 years.
He would have an aggressive defense and he could put a staff together. He can recruit Texas and Oklahoma.
Morris and Kiffin could also recruit.
Norville is the one unproven to recruit.

Actually that’s not accurate.
the first words were, “I don’t know how to answer that”
and all he said was his people had talked.
Nothing that said it got any further than us asking.

I just didn’t get the impression from listening to everything else he said that he has any intention of taking any HC job anywhere right now.

I don’t think anyone here is proclaiming he wants the job, only that we want him. To me, he seems like the right fit and exactly what we need. I would be ecstatic if he’s our coach. But yes, you’re right, his comments on loyalty have me thinking he won’t be.

He also gushed over Chad Morris and talked about what a great coach he is.

Actually, Doc, it is highly accurate. Listen again.


Venables would be a grand slam

Would be steal of century