VENABLES....not realistic

It just does not make sense for Venables to have interest in the DC job at Arkansas. Big picture. Just like it was never realistic for Gus to leave Auburn.

Coach Morris knows who he is going to hire now, IMO. The current holdover staff should have got that out of the press conference.

I think it’ll be a guy with SEC experience.

rumor is Todd Graham

Two words there: N - 0

Coach Morris told team gonna be best defensive coordinator in the country??

… coached under Pinkel at Missouri

Keep an eye on him


I think he really wants the KSU job. At least that is the word. His entire life is out of KS. I think he wants to get back there. I think to be successful in that capacity, he needs to get back over here. I think he might take 1.5 m and definitely 2.0 m to come to Fayetteville. Much closer to home. Much closer to the recruiting grounds he needs to be in if he were to land the KSU job. He needs to be here to get that head coaching job at KSU when it comes open. He hasn’t recruited the midwest for a while now. But, that’s the only reason. His motivation is to go home and coach. What’s his best opportunity for that and how much can he make in the interim. That’s his focus.

Venables may want the KSU job, but everything I hear is that Bill Snyder wants his son to replace him and is hanging on until he thinks the kid is ready.


Todd Graham gave Malzahn the devil when Gus was at Tulsa because in Graham’s mind Gus scored too fast. He wanted Gus to slow down some. Graham was partial to the defense and they spent a lot of time on the field. Graham played a looser version of the 3-4 (sometimes I thought it was a 2-5). It was a bend and finally break defense. Tulsa was number one in offense the two years Gus was at Tulsa and the defense was bumping the bottom of the NCAA. I will tell you that if your team runs a wide open offense, you cannot have a defense that bends and tries to hang on for a break. The defensive players will have their tongues hanging out (sort of like what happened to Beleima when he stepped into the SEC). Morris needs a defense that is extremely aggressive. They need to create three and outs. I hope Morris finds a DC who is going to be as aggressive as he is. Venables fits that bill but like some of the other folks who post, I don’t see it happening.

A friend that is very close to University of Tulsa said that Todd is an A#1 jerk. Said Tulsa was glad to get rid of him

Yea, I don’t see Venables coming at all, its just not making sense…


I also heard Todd Graham was a #1 jerk when he was at Tulsa. CM should know for sure tho.

Living here in Tulsa, Todd was viewed as a jerk by many of the Tulsa fans.