Venables Defense

Is a very vulnerable Defense right now. Better figure things out quickly. I’m no fan of Clemson, but the idea of a 7 win team playing for the NC, really makes me wanna hurl.


Hope our defensive coaches are watching, Clemson is missing a lot of tackles and giving up yards after contact by failing to wrap up. They seem to be looking to make big hits, but not holding on for tackles.

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They are like Hogs without Catalon and Morgan. They will get their Catalon back in second half.

And they lost their Morgan.

Clemson wasn’t getting lined up properly. I thought more than once they looked like John Chavis was calling the defense. tOSU has almost 400 yards of offense.

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Only play 6 reg season games against nobody. Whole team is well rested & quite healthy wouldn’t ya think.

Wow, Clemson’s got more problems than losing their Catalon & Morgan. Wouldn’t have believed this kind of beat down!

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Ohio State was more physical. Clemson safeties played too deep in first half and the tight ends were open. They came up in second half and the post was open. Day had all the answers with great players everywhere.

I do not think Alabama is great on defense. The title game could be interesting.

Clemson never could establish run cause they got down early. Don’t see that happening with Bama. Bama 45 OSU 17

Wasn’t first quarter 14-14? I get your point, but It looked like Notre Dame was better in trenches.

OSU was more physical, more focused with an angry mindset.
Dabo did not do his team any favors with all the negative putdowns
directed at OSU being in the play-offs. It appeared to me that the
team that wanted it the most won going away.

OSU had the better, more physical line play on both sides of the ball. That allowed their skill people to do pretty much whatever they wished. Funny how that works.

I think NDs line play matched or was perhaps slightly better than Bama (at least on D, not Oline); however, Bama’s was certainly strong enough to allow them to do their thing. ND could not match or come close to the skill people of Bama.

OSU Oline could give Bama problems because they are very physical and OSU does have some very good skill people to go along with that line. Should make for a good game.

Side note. I have no love for Bama, but no way, no how could I pull for ND. I think although it would be hard, I would even pull for texas against ND.

The disparity of talent between Bama and OSU and the rest of the college teams is absurd. Until the NCAA does something about the top teams getting all the top talent this is what college football will be. You can count these two in the playoffs most years and OU has the easiest path to playoffs each year as the Big 12 has no nobody close to their talent level most years. Clemson has good talent, but their lines of scrimmage were not great this year.LSU and Georgia will be close most years as they get great talent.

I don’t like Alabama or OSU. OSU looked like they certainly can give Alabama a great game. OSU just pounded Clemson. They were impressive. The Ohio State quarterback Fields played great last night. Alabama and Ohio State do look to be the cream of college football. The 2 best teams are meeting for the National Championship, so I guess that is what is supposed to happen.

Playing with a few fans is just a bummer. The fans make college football the game it is.

It’s been like this for a long time but Saban is the real deal in recruiting. So is Dabo. I think OSU is cleaning up too.

Clemson is not nearly as strong in the defensive line as it’s been.

Apart from QB, Bama’s offensive skill position guys are better than Clemson’s. Physically, there’s no comparison between the two QBs, but Mac Jones tends to make very few mental mistakes, and last night Sunshine made several.

Bama’s DBs are also better than Clemson’s as a group, which gives Bama more options to control OSU’s run game. Bama does look vulnerable to OSU’s TEs, based on what ND did yesterday afternoon.

I think it will probably be a high scoring game, but I think Bama has a better chance of making stops than OSU.

OSU absolutely did to Clemson what they and Alabama generally do to most of their opponents. Perhaps, Clemson and Dabo were in need of a bit of humble pie. I’m not a fan of OSU, but I’m not one that chants SEC and will be just fine if OSU serves up another helping of humble pie to Saban and the Tide.
It would be worth it to watch and listen to Paul Finebaum explain how any team from an inferior league could slay the SEC’s most favored program.

OSU played to win. Clemson played like they were suppose to win. OSU simply played more physical and physicality won.

Ohio St obviously saved their best for the playoffs. Neither Fields or that offense has looked that good all year. Maybe due to the cancelations and long layoffs between games and not really having much chance to get in sync.

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