Hogs -4.5 over War Eagle

tAm Aggies -7 over Ole Miss

I just hope the Curles crew isn’t calling the game!

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I pick OM over A&M

That’s actually a pre-season line (dated May 19th) by fan duel or some other non Vegas casino. The actually opening line today is OM -2.5. That same thing happened to me early in the season this year on another game. Now, I always check on (line movements) and it will show you the date of the opening line. A&M was #6 pre-season pick in polls. That’s the reason they were a 7 point pick over OM pre-season.

The Hogs -4.5 is correct. It just opened at Caesar’s at Hogs -4. I’m a little surprised since it’s at Auburn. That would make it about a -10 at Fayetteville.

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