Vegas/their bettors have the Hogs as a 2 point favorite

The line opened at Hogs -1 and today has gone to -2. Hopefully, Vegas knows best. I’ll take either number and be happy, happy!

Might be a little hard on my heart, but I think I can survive a game that close. My preference, of course, would be a double digit, never in doubt, win though.

Sounds right to me, but also suggests that on a neutral court these two teams are even. If “even” the Hogs have made huge improvements the past two months.

While I have never, and would never, bet against the Hogs, if I was betting, I would put my money on Bama with those numbers. Sure hope I am wrong!

In football a 2 point swing 91/2 times out of 10 is a winner.

According to those vegas odds it looks like a 4 point swing in Ark. favor. IF I HAD to bet on this gm per the vegas line, I wouldn’t be betting on bama tonight.

It’s actually just a 1 point change in Vegas. That Bama -2 was just really early off-shore betting. There were a couple Vegas casinos that took a bet or 2 on Bama-1 and a few at pick-em, but 99% of the bets starting late last night were at Hogs-1 and then this morning it went to Hogs-2.

LOVE TO BE WRONG! WOW, what a game Hogs!!!

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