Vegas Roll Call


Looking for fellow Hog Fans who want to meet up in Vegas. This will be my 5th trip to Vegas this year and over 100 trips in my short 24 years on earth since I have been of age.

I am coming in on Wednesday and out on Monday. I secured tickets in section 11 for the Thursday game at a very reasonable price. I typically wait until the day of the game to pickup tickets to sporting events or concerts but the folks in my traveling party did not trust waiting until 2 hours before tip to get tickets, but that’s fine since they are covering the ticket price since I got our rooms comp’d.

The new “Park” area between New York New York and Park MGM that leads from the strip to T-Mobile is a great place to meet-up before the game. There are several open air bar / restaurants here to hang out before heading into the Arena.

I am looking for some info from our Insiders @ScottieBordelon as to the teams plans. I assume there is a media release from the University that I am hoping you can share some details with us that are going. I assume they share this with the media so they can ensure there is media coverage for the events. Below are the questions I have.

  1. I believe the team is traveling out to Vegas on Tuesday from the XNA FBO. Is this correct and do you know the time.
  2. I assume there will be an open practice on Wednesday for the team. Do you know what time and if it is indeed at T-Mobile Arena.
  3. Where is the official team hotel and what time do they plan to depart for the Arena on Thursday. I know the Cheerleaders and the official traveling party are always there to great the team as they load the buses. In Omaha, these have always been well attended by those in town and I would love to see the basketball Hogs get the same treatment.
  4. Have you heard of any locations/times for “unofficial” gatherings of fans for live radio shows that are sending folks out for coverage.

Looking forward to another great weekend in my 2nd home.

You have any idea how my son and his wife can secure tickets, they are wanting to come in from California.

If they are up to paying more now, they can secure tickets from seatgeek using the discount code PMS2022 for 10% off. I got tickets for under $300 each. I assume we will be the visiting team since we are the lower seed so between sections 10-15 in the lower level will be at the Razorback end of the arena. I usually use the Gametime app when I am purchasing tickets on the day of the event.

I went and saw Kentucky during pre-season at T-Mobile and it is a great place to watch Basketball. One thing to note is it is setup like Bud Walton so if you are in the bottom of the lower level, you have to walk up to the top of your section for concessions / drinks. Most sections have rows 1-9 or so, then usually a sections AA-DD followed by rows A-Z. Then there are bar table tops that are reserved seats at the top of each section. The Upper Deck is the same way where you have to walk up to the top of the section for concessions / drinks.

Hoping to keep this thread alive so we can all get together for pre/post game.

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What does the discount code relate to? Can anyone use it?

Anyone should be able to use the discount code on seatgeek. It is from the Pat McAfee Show. Seatgeek is a sponsor of that show.

Great, thanks.

I should get a schedule for Wednesday in terms of practice/shootaround at some point today. I’ll pass along that info.

Team is staying at Vdara. Practice/shootaround in T-Mobile Arena is closed to fans. I will be able to watch 15 minutes of it and get video. Will pass along info I get on Thursday send-off.

Thanks for the info Scottie.

I found the team flight here. XNA-LAS

Muss of course was sporting Las Vegas Raiders gear at practice today. Raiders

Also learned that ESPN Arkansas will be setting up shop at @TIGoldenCircle at @TIvegas starting tomorrow.

Muss should be wearing Golden Knights gear to back a winner. Been to one LVGK vs Lightning game just for the experience, really nice arena.

@ScottieBordelon did you ever find out what time the team willl be leaving the hotel today?

I have been impressed with the number of Woo Pigs I have heard since I landed 12 hours ago.

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It sure would be fun to be at the game! You guys are going to have to show out for us!

12:30 - 2 at Vdara. Team supposed to leave at 2 but sometimes they are early. Muss time.

Yeah, was just told around 2 p.m.

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