Vegas Odds---

—two sites have us losing Saturday: Odds Shark

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One still has us favored by 9.5.

Vegas Insider

It’s scary to me that we’re not a unanimous pick. I began this week very confident. Now I’m not so sure.

I say we win by 3 TDs or more.


Odds have nothing to do with who they think will win. Odds are designed to split the bets thus making max profit for the house.

True, but the odds do reflect what the general betting population thinks.

Odds Shark had us losing to Portland St as well.

Not sure where you are seeing that SBD has us losing? Their predictor has us winning by 18 and covering the -10 number and predicts the under wins.

As far as odds, all 3 sites are at Hogs -10 or -9.5.

CSU wins running through the tape at the finish line.

I’m not saying this will put Morris on the hot seat, but the hot seat talk will begin in earnest.

The hot seat talk has already started. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us win and people still complain

I agree, Bake. If we run for three TD’s some will say why did we not pass more. If we throw for three, they will say we need more diversity and on and on…

I think some young fans do not understand when you play video games, you always win.

They might always win at video games, I keep getting smoked