Vegas odds.............

…the fundamental truth is that the odds are not predicting the outcome of the game, they are predicting, initially, the number that they think will get half the money of the betting public to favor one team and the other half’s money to come in for the other team. Then, when the bets are actually made, the number is adjusted, to draw more money to the side that needs it to even up. It is all based on the betting public’s perception and the amount they are willing to commit to each team.

Initially, Vegas had A&M a one point favorite. The betting public disagreed and came in heavily for A&M so it has now grown to a 5+ point favorite for the aggies and that appears to be where the bets are being split 50/50 since it hasn’t changed. Millions of bettors all over the world’s perception of the likely game results NOT an educated opinion on who should win the game.

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