Vegas O/U Win totals released … teams/amp/

Arkansas at 6.

I’m not a gambling man, but that seems like a good bet for Arkansas. I think they will win 7 or more. I’m assuming that counts only regular season games and not an added opportunity with a bowl. It is also good to see South Carolina, Ole Miss and Miss State below and Missouri equal since we play all four of them. Win those four and the three cupcakes and you win some money. Upset one or more of the others and your odds really increase and I think we have a good chance against A&M this year. Of the others, I’d really, really like to beat Auburn in Fayetteville again, particularly after that butt abrasion we got last year.

I would take the over on that bet. has it at 7, and the Over is -130 while the Under is even money (meaning slightly more money is coming in on the over than the under). Don’t have the patience to wait all year on a payout, but even at 7 I think the over is a pretty safe bet.