Vegas lines - Bama -14 Clemson -11.5

I’m a little surprised. I figured the biggest spread would have been the Clemson / ND game.

not surprised at all about what I have in my predictions…ND barely beat Vandy and Pitt!! have not faced anything like the speed of Clemson WR will be like Ohio st and Michigan and OKL has no chance of even slowing down Bama nd Ole Nick has amonth to prepare for thier offense I see 2 pretty easy games.

Researched this game today. Notre Dame played Georgia (lost by 1) and LSU (won by 7) last year…played Clemson a few years back. I don’t think they will be surprised by anything they see. Can they hang with them…don’t know but they won’t be surprised by it. I went and looked at their schedules to compare other scores. Notre Dame and Clemson had other common opponents if you want to do it that way. Notre Dame blew out Syracuse and Clemson hung on to win with their #3 QB. The Notre Dame/FSU score was about the same as Clemson. I don’t think any of this proves anything. You have two first year QB’s and I suspect one of them will not play well on the big stage. I bought tickets to this game today because it’s close and I am hoping it will be a good game.