Vegas hoops updates … g-tidbits/

Did everyone gloss over the following statement in Richard’s article?

“Hill believes Hogs will get Moss”.

Justice had committed to recruiting a national championship team to Arkansas. No one is more disappointed about Perry decomitment than Justice. In response to one of the tweets he had mentioned “I am not through recruiting yet”.

I saw a couple names today, including Moss, that seem to be high on the Hog (pun intended). Those names are guys I thought we lost out on thirty days ago.

Hill has a future in recruiting once he’s done playing basketball. He was the first to sign among the Hawks, and has delivered all of his teammates so far, except Perry (we won’t go into that though).

If we land Moss and get a couple quality bigs (Hoping we can steal Josh Leblanc), I’d say that 2018 class would be back on track to being something special.

Seeing a lot of chatter about that. Like Nolley too.

As it stands today, Hogs can only sign three and Hill is one of them. Only two schollies left.

Someone confirmed staff is going to use 2018 scholarship on Hill?

Seen someone say he was definitely coming midterm, but didn’t see them say he gets a scholarship. Interested in hearing the answer.

They are recruiting as if they have 3 spots - not including Justice

Looking at PF target Reggie Chaney again.