Vegas holds us in high regard

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To win it all: Vandy is favorite at 4-1. We and UCLA are right behind at 5-1

if we can get our lineup to starting hittng like we are capable 1-9 there is not anybody i fear we put up 14 runs and 22 hits on Vandy and Vandy doesn’t have any bad arms and about 30 runs in 3 days on Tenn and 27 on MSU alll have elite pitching staffs,I am not sure we can flip the switch this quick and regain that form but if we do then i say bring on anybody!

Lets take care of Ole Miss first…

It’s just information I thought the board might enjoy. I doubt it distracts the team one bit.

Not often that Vegas thinks higher of a Hog team than many in the fan base…

Quietly to myself I have thought this years team was overrated and has over achieved. They have enjoyably continued to
prove me wrong. I think Van Horn deserves SEC Coach of the Year and to me everything gained from this point is GRAVY.

That Friday pitcher is so, so, important to the success of a college baseball team. We’ve been really fortunate to have 2 great ones the last 2 years who were both healthy all season. I think the uncertainty of whether or not Zay was going to be great caused sports writers and fans to undervalue the team until about half way through the SEC season.