Vegas game time change?

Vivid seats just sent me a notification that the event for my seats had changed from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

Is this correct?

We’ll know the times later today once the 4 games to be played on Thursday are set and TV decides.

It was never going to be 12:00. And won’t be a 6:00 Vegas start time either for the first game there since that would push game 2 there too late for eastern time zone.

The Sweet 16 games are always evening games here in the central time zone, with one site starting around 6:15 and the other around 7:00, and 2nd games then 30 minutes following the first, which would mean 4:15 pm or 5:00 pm Vegas time would likely be the earliest start.

I’d guess game one in Vegas gets the 5:00 pm PST for 1st game of the evening there.

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I’d love to catch a quick flight out there for a long weekend. Not sure the cheap flights are still available. My wife seemed less enthusiastic about it than I was last night. I guess I’ll stay home.

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My wife also