Vegas Futures line for the National Championship 2021

Hogs are in much better position to move into and up in the National Polls if they start off the season with a nice winning streak. Last year, I believe they were either 150-1 or 200-1. This poll has them at 30-1, tied with LSU.

As far as the SEC, 30-1 puts us tied with LSU for 5th in the SEC. Behind KY at 12-1 (biggest number I can remember for them), TN and FL, tied at 20-1, and Auburn at 25-1.

If you convert the poll to a pre-season ranking poll, the teams tied at 30-1 would be #25 in the poll. I don’t put much credence to the futures line, but it is at least good national exposure to be ranked fairly high.

Auburn is going to have a down year… too much talent leaving. I believe we can win the conference if a certain guard comes back.

Auburn will be definitely not Final Four good but we will know for sure how far down in a month.

Auburn recruiting class is ranked just behind Arkansas. They got some nice recruits. Just like we don’t know what Joe is going to do, we will find out soon what happens with the two Auburn players that declared for the draft. Auburn also returns more players than Arkansas.Plus transfer portal is still in full swing.

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