VCU out of the Dance

Didn’t have five players available to play due to COVID, Oregon advances by default and will play the Iowa-Grand Canyon winner Monday.

Just saw that ,Sucks for them

Yup. You just knew we weren’t going to get 67 games played without something like this.

It was bound to happen. I hope that the last team to have to leave. It’s a pleasure to be able to watch March Madness this year. Also baseball.

Apparently the referee who tested positive and was sent home from Indy worked the last VCU game. Coincidence? :man_shrugging:

Further update: Apparently VCU had enough healthy players, but the county health department in Indy, which provided the tournament protocol, decided to pull the plug on VCU due to concerns about infecting the Oregon team and officials, among other things.

Could the same thing happen to us tomorrow? Yes, it could. Keep fingers crossed…

Don’t say that!

Now I’m nervous and not because of TTech.

Apparently the test results come back around 2am everyday. Any insider info on those this morning? :grimacing:

From what I read about VCU, the final decision wasn’t made until late afternoon. Like I said, keep your fingers crossed.

Is there something that leads you to believe that we’ve been exposed or just general nervousness?

VCU didn’t know it had been exposed until the positive tests started coming in.

Ok then, so just general nervousness. Tech has just as good a chance of getting covid bounced as we do so WPS!

It would not be fair for us to have our bowl game AND our trip to the Big Dance wrecked by COVID. So as an Arkansas fan, I will also be nervous until the final.

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