Vaunted Chris Beard defense torched

It can happen to best of the coaches. MaCio Teague hit 10 of 11 from the three as Baylor torched Texas Tech. That Baylor roster is oozing with talent. A super athletic looking group.

I wouldn’t mind not getting in Baylor’s regional but then I look at the alternatives. Gonzaga? No thanks. Michigan? Looks like they’re about to lose to Sparty but solid up and down the roster. Illinois? Dosunmu is a handful like Cooper on steroids. But Illinois has lost more than the other three (including to Misery) so I guess I’d take them as our #1, but that seems unlikely.

As long as we get the 3 seed meeting any of the 1 seeds would be good at this point! You have to beat a 1 seed normally to go deep into the dance and win it!

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