Various TV coverages of NT game

It took me a while to find my favorite version. ESPN Skycast shows the game from behind the offense. It is on ESPNU. There is no commentary, just the sound of the PA. So I have sound on one TV and the ESPNU telecast on the large TV.

Clay has taught me to watch the O-line and this is the way to do it.

I’m enjoying listening to Eli Gold call the game on SEC Network.

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And I’m stuck in an RV park with no cable, weak wifi and my Dish has trees in the way. Keeping up on ESPN game cast…sigh.

Great game.

Just a ? Why would anyone want Freeze as a so called expert on a national broadcast with his cheating background.

He’s hooking everyone up after the game. :wink:

I’m not looking forward to facing Sark’s offense in September at RRS. He won’t have Jones, Harris and Smith, but man is he creative.

Didn’t Arkansas have Barry Switzer as a radio color guy for Paul one year? Can’t we ask the same question about that? Folks on this board love to excoriate Switzer for his cheating at OU.

Agree. He’s a great play caller. He will get QBs to come to Texas.

Cheating was the status quo in Switzer’s days.

we started getting endzone seats in fayetteville the past 2 seasons. I was taking family, so wanted outdoor club seats, and couldn’t get sideline, so went endzone.

we LOVE it. so fun to watch guards pull and backs hit holes, we are the first ones to know then scores are going to happen. Last year there was a beautiful play when Clary pushed a DL out of the way, and Boyd hit the hole, we were standing up with touchdown signals and he hadn’t crossed the 50 yet. just such a nice way to watch football games.


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