Vanover's Busy Spring and Summer Comes to an end (story) … comes-end/

Good article. I never have seen him play and wonder if he is still a work in-progress?

Anybody know who his uncle is that played football for the Hogs?

Connor has also trained and played with the USA National Team. … onnor.aspx

Hey Southpaw, I just noticed that the LINK I placed above answers your question.

He sure has an impressive resume. Hope we can get him.

My only concern is that he’s not really a guy who fits our system. He’s not a big that can run the floor. We saw how that worked out for Mickelson. I wish him luck and hope it can somehow work out with us, just not sure if it can.

Yes, as are most underclassmen in high school

That is the big question

He is already a better long range shooter than Mickelson and is at least 4 inches taller (8 inch wider wingspan). Vanover can get a set-shot 3 off at anytime over anyone. If he continues to improve his shooting, I don’t know how the Hogs don’t continue to pursue him. I understand what you are saying about running the floor, but this guy has an added measure of size advantage that most Bigs don’t have.

I don’t mean to overhype him, but Dirk Nowitski is the best comparison out there to where Connor’s potential points. If the Hogs don’t get him, I, for one, think we will regret it. Think about Tyler Zeller too. He excelled in Roy Williams fast-paced system, and Vanover is at least 3 inches taller and is a better outside shooter.

While I think Connor is a very good shooter, I don’t know thing his shot was any better than Hunter’s while he was in high school.

Certainly Hunter was more athletic at the corresponding point in his career and put up bigger numbers.

Hunter also had a better mid-range and inside game at the same point in high school.

We all now that putting on too much weight turned into a detriment for Hunter’s career.

Connor certainly has about 5 inches on Hunter, a world of potential and a chance to develop as he goes along.

I expect Connor’s numbers to go up dramatically this year at Baptist Prep, with 3 of the starting 5 from last season graduated. They were a VERY balanced team last season, with a different scoring leader almost every game. Connor & Issac McBride should pile up some healthy numbers over the next 2 years (3 for Issac). … ferrer_id=

Dudley I’m confused. Is there a third Vanover brother who is 7’1 and does not play basketball?

>Vanover teamed with his older brother Brandon – one of his 7-1 twin siblings - inside last year, but the older Vanover has moved on to UCA to play his college basketball.<

He told me once that the other twin plays video games instead of basketball

I don’t think you’re highlighting his lack of mobility enough. Unfortunately, it’s very common for a kid his size at his age.

If you watch him against future college players, his age or older, he’s just not very effective right now. And, it’s due to the fact that his extreme size limits his ability to move quick and fast. He most certainly can’t get a shot off anytime he wants because players body him…get into him. He can’t go by them and he’s not quick enough to fake or do something to create space.

There is value there. I think there’s a good chance a high major takes him. But, I remain on the fence as to whether or not he can be an impact or significant-minute player at the high major level. There are a few systems that he might fit. I just think his size limits him almost as much as it benefits him.

Just to reiterate, I wrote:

"Vanover can get a ‘SET-SHOT-THREE’ off at anytime… "
I have not seen much bodying by anyone at any level outside the 3 point line. Face up D is the norm, especially on a center. You are right, teams with a decent big try to body him all over the place in the paint, but that is a different situation from what I said. Not trying to argue, just trying to clarify what I meant. BTW, he has come a long way the past 2 seasons at dealing with the physical play, and hopefully the next 2 will see similar progression.

“I don’t mean to overhype him…”
Which was another way of saying, I also see the objections of those that doubt his ability to play in a fast system. But, I also believe that he can be effective at the next level if put in the right situation. If CMA does not plan to tweak “the system” around a player like him, then I am not sure why he would even offer him. I would never expect Vanover to play like Kingsley. I would liken him more to a Dwight Stewart with Lee Wilson size (assuming he continues to get stronger). Those guys were major parts of our National Championship team in the 40MOH style of play! BTW, Big O was not a “speed racer” up and down the floor either, but he was a HUGE part of “the system”.

If the Hogs have had one major weakness at times (since Eddie left), it is grinding thru a half-court game with an opponent that controls the tempo. The great thing about the Nat’l Champ team, was that they could adjust to that and still beat you. Which is what it takes to win games past the 2nd round of the NCAAT. And you need players, like Portis and Corliss, who could get you a big bucket late in the game in a half-court set. I am not saying Vanover is that guy, but I would also not dismiss him just because he might not ever run the floor like those two guys did.

Wow. Sounds like my boys, except that they are well under 6’0. I hope there are high ceilings in the Vanover house.